Working from home during COVID-19? The transition from corporate office to home office is not an easy one. Keeping calm and carrying on with work during COVID-19 means that you need a home office that is ergonomically designed to ensure your wellbeing, comfort and productivity. 

At The Office Athlete, we’ve been thinking about ways to help. During this time, we are offering a FREE virtual consultation during COVID-19 to help you set up your home office.  Our advice and tips will help to ergonomically optimize your home office and may reduce the incidence of work-related discomfort including neck, shoulder and back pain.

Ready to get started? Just email and attach a photo of your current home office set up and we will be in touch!  

Workplace Wellness Consultancy

Our Workplace Wellness solutions cover a large spectrum of services to ensure total employee health and wellbeing. Our onsite and online seminars around various topics relating to workplace health, wellbeing and performance. Our comprehensive ergonomic assessments prevent injuries and enhance productivity by ensuring that your employees are using optimal working postures. This is achieved through correct workspace setup, posture education and individualised injury prevention programs.

  • Ergonomic consultations
  • Company health profiling
  • Strategy development and design
  • Office furniture analysis
  • Job Task and Environmental Analysis
  • Occupational Health and Safety consultation
  • Injury prevention seminar series
  • Job Dictionary
  • Manual handling and risk mitigation training
  • Onsite design of office layout and gym equipment
  • Risk assessments
  • Health and safety marketing and design

Onsite Physiotherapy

The Office Athlete recognises the importance of managing work-related injuries. Access to onsite physiotherapy allows the worker to have an injury identified and treated early, along with access to provide assessments of the work environment. Our onsite physiotherapy consultations will enhance your organisation through reduced workplace injury, increased productivity and fewer workers compensation claims. Onsite physio clinics can be set up on an individual or recurring basis.

  • Physical screenings
  • Musculoskeletal injury diagnosis and rehabilitation
  • Functional assessment
  • Return to work planning
  • Employee wellness profiling
  • Pilates
  • Postural classes
  • Reporting & health data analytics

Employee Assistance Programs

We are proud to offer these best practice services. Confidential, therapeutic assistance for a range of issues that impact employee wellbeing and performance.


  • Pre-employment medical and Physical screening: ensuring health risks are identified and future employees are able to seek intervention if needed
  • Job task and environmental analysis
  • Functional assessments: addressing the functional tasks during injury rehabilitation.
  • Manual handling education and training: addressing safe work practices to foster injury prevention within the workplace.
  • Onsite Physiotherapy: onsite management, first aid and treatment.
  • Ergonomic assessments and work safety programs: enhancing the workplace environment for your employees with assessment, intervention and self checklists
  • Physiotherapy assessment and rehabilitation
  • Injury prevention seminars
  • Strength and conditioning programs: For injury prevention and rehabilitation to ensure your employees have the best outcome

Read more about our EAP services.

Corporate Event Training

With the rising trend in corporate fitness as a team building initiative, adequate preparation is not only important to get to the finish line, but to encourage regular participation. The Office Athlete offers a wide range of services to help enhance your corporate team.

  • Event preparation seminars
  • Warm-up and training techniques
  • Sports taping
  • Nutritional advice and profiling
  • Group based training classes



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