Tough Mudder 2013 tips

Tough Mudder guy

Tough mudder

Tough Mudder guy


17 and 18th of August – Sunshine Coast

14 and 15th September – Melbourne

12 and 13 of October – Sydney

26 and 27th of August – Perth

So you have done a bayrun, bondi to bronte or even a city2surf, and are ready for the next step… or jump, or commando crawl or swim through an ice bath.

The image of obstacle adventure racing has shifted from those chest-thumping navy seals into a fun, special occasion and even team bonding fitness activity with some added mental toughness thrown into the works.


With the sub-title of “The toughest event on the planet”, a quarter of weekend warriors, myself included decided to add it to the calender.


Obstacle races should be exciting, not a chore. So the best advice I can give you is pick one that is suited to your personality and the group you are doing this with. The 5km Warrior Dash is a great start ( and the Spartan Race 7/14km ( are short and sweet. Perfect for the pump class junkies who enjoy resistance training.

Refuse to get muddy for anything less than 15km? Well, you’re in luck, the aforementioned Tough Mudder at 20km is the one for you. Testing the physical and mental endurance ideal for runners, boot campers and cross fitters.

The ladies only Dirty Jurrasschic ( is the healthiest ever excuse for a day of girl-bonding.


Can you get away without training? Unlikely. Training plans should focus on strength and endurance. I recommend starting 2 months prior to your event, so you can gradually ease into the physical demands that you’re going to put your body through.

Combining strength exercises such as pushups, burpees, jumping lunges and the bear crawl with a 30-60min run twice a week is a great way to target the many areas of fitness that will be challenged during this race.


Obstacle races will get hot, wet and muddy. So this isn’t the race to wear your latest lululemon gear. Think tight, think old and think daggy.

You will be absorbing that much moisture and mud during the race, you don’t want anything baggy as it will start to way you down. I have seen the occasional strip down during the race, so anything you’re emotionally attached to shouldn’t be worn – it will need to be ditched by the end of the race anyway.

Preparation for your wrists and ankles is a must. Taping your hands and wrists, along with a basic supportive ankle strapping will help prevent any sprains, strains and blisters that will come your way during the race.


When it comes to tactics I always keep it simple. When it comes to the start of the race, the macho chest bumping guys race off like cheetahs, and you’re most likely to meet up with them again at the first climbing wall obstacle.

Start of slow and easy. It is a long race and you want to ease your body into it. Let the flat terrain at the beginning be a short warm up for your cardiovascular system.

Take a moment to assess the obstacle and learn from the mistakes of others, after you have had a little giggle.

Ensure you have a protein rich brekkie before the race and a banana in the 30min countdown before the starting gun. This will provide enough slowburning energy to get you through the race.


Have fun,