Wellness in the workplace

9 Amazingly Easy Steps to Employee Wellness

Bear in mind that your employees reflect you and your company. Thus, it is ever so wise to pay attention to their health and make sure that they are active, refreshed and energized.   This way, you will have an inspired team of employees who will enjoy coming to work, love and care about your company as well as do their job more thoroughly and efficiently.   Here are some… Read More »9 Amazingly Easy Steps to Employee Wellness

3 Top Ways You Can Improve your Waiting Room

1. Consider the design Yes, you’re a Physiotherapist, not an interior designer. But there are specific elements you can easily and affordably incorporate into your reception space, including comfortable seating. One progressive design company has suggested that modular seating — with movable components and cushions that can be customized to different offices or individuals —  Bear in mind that what’s comfortable for some patients may not be for others. Chairs… Read More »3 Top Ways You Can Improve your Waiting Room


Signs You Need Physiotherapy

Aches and Pains That Scream an Urgent Visit to a Physiotherapist Physiotherapy may be associated with disabled people, seniors, and those with injuries or recovering from one, but it is actually helpful in maintaining health for people of all ages.   A study published in AFP (Australian Family Physician) showed that many health conditions that are checked by GPs are referred to physiotherapy. Almost 80% of musculoskeletal problems 5.07% of… Read More »Signs You Need Physiotherapy