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5 healthy tips

5 healthy habits you can start today

The Office Athlete just turned 5! How exciting and what a 5 years it has been. We are forever growing our client base and helping all types of offices and athletes focus on injury prevention and healthier habits. 2017 is flying by already and we are heading through the first quarter of the year alarmingly fast. We thought to celebrate our 5 wonderful years of putting Physiotherapy goodness out there,… Read More »5 healthy habits you can start today

Run Girl, Run! 5 tips for the Nike She Runs 10k race

The Nike She Runs 2014 is this Saturday. Yikes! So, girls get your finest and brightest running gear ready for what always is a fantastic event. As the 3rd annual Nike She Runs 10k event nears, I thought it would be a great to share some last-minute tips that I tell my patients in the lead up to such events. The area of Physiotherapy I work in allows me to… Read More »Run Girl, Run! 5 tips for the Nike She Runs 10k race

1, 2, 3 and breathe…

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We are all very aware of the importance of breathing. We need to adequately breathe in order for our bodies to function througout the day, exchange gases and, so we are able to blow someone a kiss (in the spirit of Valentine’s day – a little late, I know)               It never ceases to amaze me when treating a patient, (for example shoulder pain) on how muscle weakness, tightness… Read More »1, 2, 3 and breathe…