Sneak peak into a Physio’s dream workspace

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The Office Athlete loves to combine environments where our performance thrives. Whether this is at the desk, on the field or on a plane?

I certainly couldn’t resist writing about this workspace when I stumbled across it. Physiotherapists are diverse creatures, working magic in varying environments, however this ‘environment’ is certainly sprinkles on a Sundae when it comes to work. With winter’s unveiling of Etihad’s VIP residence  interiors, could airborne luxury get any better?

Nike’s flying Physio room exclusively for the US Basketball team.

Seattle’s Teague teamed up with the Nike design department to imagine a cabin fit for a 15-strong team of American Basketball players – titled…

“The Athlete’s Plane: a sky-high, pre- and post-game training and treatment facility”.

Teams on the national or international competition schedule would agree that those time-zones and lengthy plane trips catch up on them and affect performance. Physical and psychological well-being are tested throughout the competition season with those regular long-hauls.

Call them precious, however this unique cabin comprises a host of zones and functions to cater to the player’s needs. Now let’s skip past all those other bells and whistles and get to the exciting stuff…

The Recovery Room…


Injuries are initially assessed and analysed on a screen upon entering the recovery room which is stocked with state of the art technology, medical facilities, rehab space and a stretching room.

Basketballers being the vertically blessed people they are can stretch out on seats that accommodate someone 7ft tall and if that isn’t enough, a transparent shell-like lid which partially encloses an individual and stops athletes breathing on each other.