Run run run – DOs and DON’Ts

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Running Dos and Don'ts

Running Dos and Don'tsThere are a number of key elements to running well.

But they can get confusing. Let’s keep it simple

1. Don’t overstride (sticking your leg out infront of you)

In other words, don’t land with your foot infront of your knee, which inturn will be way in front of your hip – this decelerates you!

You may think that you’re running hard this way. You know why? Because YOU ARE!

When you run this way, this stiffens your leg and you then have this impact peak/shockwave that travels up your body once your foot hits the ground.

This is a cheeky little cause for issues like shin splints – so be cautious of this and try and reduce that jolt of force through the leg. You also conserve energy too. Win win if you ask me!

2. Do land Flat footed.

Try and land on a flat foot – this will happen when you DON’T stick your leg out infront of you, which causes a more heel strike. So try and land gently.

Most efficient runners tend to land on the ball of their foot.

You’re not going to suddenly change your running style just because I said so. But try short intervals of landing on a flatter foot next time you go for a run.

3. Don’t lean, be supermodel tall

Try not to lean forward at the hips when running – think vertical from the hips up

4. Don’t Thump.

If you can hear your feet, then you’re running poorly. Try and land lightly, reducing the collision through your body.. and this way you can sneak up to people better 😉


Hope this helps.

Have a happy running weekend