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Hi Everyone,

As a Physiotherapist in many settings, I am proud to say that I provide Physiotherapy support for Qantas in Sydney. I am one of their onsite Physiotherapists and am extremely fortunate to have a lovely group of patients from the many job descriptions that make up this wonderful airline.


So thanks to Qantas over the years, I have been all over the world and have experienced their wonderful service.

There is an issue currently that is very close to my heart and needs your support.


The Facts:

Virgin has raised over $300 million in capital from Etihad, Singapore and Air New Zealand.

As a Qantas staff member there is a significant risk in the playing field of Australian aviation for the future of Qantas and all Qantas jobs.

It means Virgin, which will be 80%¬†foreign owned, can use its unlimited funds to weaken Qantas in the domestic market and cripple our international business. It means foreign airlines having control of an airline which accesses Australia’s valuable air treaty rights.¬†

Please go to this link and sign the petition:

Spread the word:

Tell your friends and family about the threat to our airline industry. Forward them this website link or post it on your social pages and ask them to speak up. I promise, this is way more important than a filtered photo of your latte tomorrow morning!

Use the hash tag #fairgo4qantas and where possible, use the @qantasairways Twitter handle.


Qantas is a proud part of our ridiculously awesome country!

I always enjoy the banter when an American thinks that being an Aussie means that I ride in a Kangaroo to get places!

I hope to continue to…


Thank you for your support


Love, TOA