5 healthy habits you can start today

5 healthy tips
The Office Athlete

Happy Birthday to us!

The Office Athlete just turned 5! How exciting and what a 5 years it has been. We are forever growing our client base and helping all types of offices and athletes focus on injury prevention and healthier habits. 2017 is flying by already and we are heading through the first quarter of the year alarmingly fast. We thought to celebrate our 5 wonderful years of putting Physiotherapy goodness out there, we would share our healthy tips to look after yourself from top to toes after you unwind from a busy day from whatever your office may be.

Did you know…

  • your head can weight up to 27kg when you’re looking at your phone?
Neck injury prevention

weight of head is 5.4kg and dramatically increases in weight every cm we look forward and down

So how do we fix this? We still need to text, type, scroll, double tap and live. Moderation is key with everything for a healthier life. Short breaks, postural restoration techniques such as squeezing those shoulder blades together and giving your neck a gentle stretch side to side help reduce that build up of upper trapezius tension from sustained force and strain from your head position.

  •  At the end of the day, we all have to work, or study or travel. All involve sitting. As Mike Reinold ever so brilliantly worded ‘Sitting isn’t that bad for you’. We all have to do it. But how can we enhance it in order to reduce the risk of injury and develop healthier working habits? Sitting all day can’t particularly be avoided in its entirety, but we can reduce the stress and strain as much as possible. Try some of these simple stretches when you’re at home. Use the time waiting for the kettle to boil, the microwave to beep or the compulsory advertisement on YouTube to finish.



Healthy habits and Injury prevention stretching

    Thoracic rotations
Healthy habits and Injury prevention stretching

Back extensions










We really do put our feet through a lot. Prolonged standing, uncomfortable shoes and general long distance walking. Tightnesses and trigger point development through our asymmetrical stances can occur without us even knowing! A fabulous way of combatting these nasties is so simple. Get your hands on a tennis ball or even better one of these trigger point balls. Used in sitting or standing, rolling through the arch of your foot and comparing both sides allows you to learn about the discrepancies between your left and right feet along with treating fascial tightness… And it feels oh so good


Healthy habits and Injury prevention stretching

Plantar fascia release techniques

Did you know….

  • That we subconsciously hold our breath when we text?  Think of the amount of texts you send and receive every day. This results in your poor neck muscles, such as your Traps, Sternocleidomastoid and Scalenes increasing in muscle tension to compensate.  So when you think about it, texting, tindering and trawling through your news feed is a huge contributor to poor breathing and those tight shoulders of yours. How do we combat this? Simple. Relax, exhale and drop down your shoulders. Try and catch yourself in the act too. And just take in 5 simple, slow deep breaths and it really does make you realise how we operate in a state of tension when we are in auto-pilot working away throughout the day.
  • You are most likely using your thumb to scroll on your smart phone or index fingers clicking away on your computer reading this post. Considering the amount of hours we are connected and communicating, it is important to give our hands and wrists a little love back (before they take their revenge and give you a niggle or worse… a repetitive strain injury. Here are two simple and easily forgotten stretches that are bound to do wonders for you


Healthy habits and Injury prevention stretching

Wrist extensor stretching

Healthy habits and Injury prevention stretching

Wrist flexor stretching









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Happy stretching, working and healthier living, Athletes!

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