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What makes The Office Athlete so special?

Here at The Office Athlete, we pride ourselves on helping you and your team achieve optimum wellness and health outcomes in your working environment, and beyond. 

The modern office is changing. With more people working from home than ever before and flexible working arrangements becoming the norm, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

The Office Athlete was founded by Australian physiotherapist Jennifer Dodge  in 2012 and she uses her broad knowledge of workplace safety strategies, injury prevention, employee wellness and exercise prescription to create a tailored strategy for every client. 

Jennifer takes the time to get to know you, your team and your workspace – wherever it may be – and she develops a deep understanding of who you are, what your areas of concerns might be and how she can help you reach your total workplace wellbeing goals. 

Our practical, inspiring and science-driven wellness programs are efficiently delivered through a multi-channel approach to improve engagement and results – no matter where in the world you live, our streamlined delivery ensures that your valuable time and resources are spent where they belong… building a stronger organisation. Everything we do, we pride ourselves in challenging the ergonomic status quo, we believe in thinking differently

Jennifer Dodge, Sydney Physiotherapist

Your Physiotherapist

The Office Athlete’s Founder and Director Jennifer Dodge (Bachelor of Physiotherapy) brings a holistic and creative approach to corporate wellness. 

Growing up in Sydney, Australia Jennifer studied Physiotherapy at The University of Newcastle and began her career working in a variety of clinical settings from the side-lines of a Major League Baseball or an Australian Football League  game to supporting clients in their home office, the variety of spaces have helped to develop a unique ability to adapt and design Physiotherapy protocols, seminars and treatment techniques. In addition, Jennifer has a reputation for having a gregarious and energetic nature when collaborating with clients and patients.

Jennifer is a keen surfer with an interest in all things health and wellness. Be sure to check out some of her contributions to well-known fitness publications – see Jennifer’s media articles. She is also an avid blogger.

Program Benefits

The concept of The Office Athlete is a contemporary approach to corporate wellness, Physiotherapy treatment and injury prevention. We come to you and adapt to your workplace and team. We are here to help enhance your workplace through ergonomic training, injury treatment and help assist with any team building activities by keeping you educated and up to date with the ever-expanding trend in fitness and corporate event participation. By helping your team work as best as they can in and out of the office.

Company benefits

  • Increased staff morale. 
  • Reduction in sick days and stress related injuries 
  • Improved employee output and work quality.

Employee advantage

  • We come to you and provide digital consultations
  • Immediate physiotherapy attention and solutions
  • Tailored talks and activities for your specific workspace, team and their interests Individual approach


  • Human element 
  • Total wellness approach 
  • Individualised programming and strategy for each employee 
  • Boost engagement 
  • Original and creative service, communication and content

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