Frequently asked questions


Q. What is physiotherapy?

A. Physiotherapy is the treatment, rehabilitation and education of the body following pain, injury or surgery. The Office Athlete’s unique physiotherapy is every bit creative. We tailor our approach and intervention to your business goals, unique work environment and varying employee needs.

Q. What does The Office Athlete actually do?

CyclistsA. The Office Athlete incorporates a Physiotherapy approach to your preferred environment. Whether that be office ergonomics, event preparation and overall wellbeing. Here at The Office Athlete, we work with corporate organisations and individuals to bring balance back to their lifestyle. Through tailored wellbeing packages, onsite physiotherapy and injury prevention programs we help you and your workplace reduce injury risk in a variety of settings.

Whether you want to run a marathon with your friends from work or simply have more energy to keep up with your busy lifestyle, The Office Athlete is here to help.

Q. What is my business’ return if I choose to provide my employees with this service?

A. The Office Athlete strives to provide all businesses with a great return. Such as increased employee productivity and morale, reduced workplace injuries, reduced sick leave usage, reduced claim duration and claim durability.

Q. My work has put together a team for this year’s City2Surf and I have never run one before. Where do I start?

A. The Office Athlete provides seminars that highlight proper training, injury management and a general understanding of what to expect in these types of events. It is important to have an awareness of what physical demands are placed on your body during such a race; as well as having fun and getting to the finish line in tip top shape.

Q. Why is Corporate Health so important?

The Office Athlete - running

A. At The Office Athlete, we are aware of how much an injury can affect productivity at work, not to mention the other associated costs such as medical expenses, replacement of staff and training.

In order to work more productively, a worker needs to be feeling good. It’s as simple as that!

We can assess your work environment and provide tailored recommendations to ensure the workplace is organised correctly, as well as address the worker’s existing problems and prevent further pain and injury.

Pains and strains can often go unheeded by the busy worker and more often than not, a recurring injury can lead to a more problematic or longstanding condition.

Q. How does it work in the workplace?

A. The Office Athlete has developed a program for the workplace, which can be adapted to your requirements. It will be presented in the form of seminars with the goal to educate your staff, and help prevent injuries in the workplace.

Seminars are interactive, have practical components, and provide education.

For more information about our physiotherapy services please contact us.