Your in-flight physiotherapy guide. Surviving the long-haul

flight mode

Whether you’re frequently flying or do the odd long haul flight, you may be aware of where the exits are located, but are you aware of the ways you can reduce strain and fatigue on your body during the flight?


  • If possible, request an aisle seat. This puts you in a position to stretch out a little more.
  • Try and invest in a neck pillow (to be used for your neck and as a lumbar support) and compression socks, as they help to keep your feet from swelling due to changes in pressure and inactivity during flight.
  • Prior to getting to the airport, I recommend giving your hip flexors, quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles a stretch. These muscles are in a shortened position when your sitting
  • Take the opportunity to stand and walk around the waiting area at your gate prior to boarding; you’ll have plenty of time to sit and relax in the plane


Extended periods of immobility can contribute to aching joints, muscles tightness and swollen feet.  The best remedy to these problems is simply to keep moving throughout the flight, walk around the cabin as regularly and as often as possible.

  • Get up and go for a walk at least once every hour (even more often if you can, there may be some interesting characters you come across in the cabin)
  • Gently stretch your neck, upper back and shoulders; for example, roll your shoulders forward and back, elevate and release your shoulders, and tilt your head side to side, using mid-range of motion. This can be done quite discreetly in your seat
  • Tap your toes and move your ankles in circular motions, this will help with circulation (if you have severe pain, redness, warmth and swelling in your calf/calves notify your flight attendant immediately)
  • Some in-flight entertainment systems provide programs including stretching and relaxation exercises
  • Water, water, water! A common problem of all flights is dehydration, as the air throughout the cabin is not always properly humifidified.
    Travellers may suffer from the drying of the mucus in their mouth and nose, which normally act as a protective barrier to bacteria and viruses.  To prevent dehydration, try drinking water as regularly as possible throughout the flight, an eye-lubricant such as Bion Tears to prevent dry and itchy eyes and for your face I recommend using a night-time hydrating moisturizer.


  • Try and enjoy the long walk to the baggage carousel, it will help to decrease that build up of tightness in your legs
  • When it is bag collection time, technique is everything. It makes the bag feel lighter and keeps you injury free; win-win if you ask me. Remember to keep your abdominals engaged, bend your knees, get as close as you can to the carousel before you even try to lift your bag.

For more information ask your physiotherapist!

1A, NYC bound.

1A, NYC bound.

Xtending the variety

Tahyna TozziThe Office Athlete had a chat with the gorgeous Tahyna Tozzi on her workout regime and how she stays injury free.

So what exactly is Xtendbarre?

Xtendbarre is a  workout  combining elements of Pilates, ballet and other dance methods. It is an overall workout that works the body proportionally so clients can achieve that long lean effect dancers have

How did you stumble across it?  

A friend of mine who is a dancer introduced me to it after I explained to her I was getting bored with my usual gym workout and I had hit a plateau.

Tahyna Tozzi

Do you see a common trend of any strains, niggles or complaints?

Xtendbarre  goers  tend  to  address  or  even  avoid  during  their  sessions. When done incorrectly clients can over work their joints in knees and hips. When done correctly  Xtendbarre  actually  strengthens  muscles  to  help combat  certain  injury  strains.  There is a  strong  core  element  as  well which  helps  clients  with  posture  and  over  all  strength.

What’s your typical workout regime like?  

I usually work out 5-6 days a week alternating between a 50 minute run and half hour light weights with Xtendbarre. If I am building towards a specific goal I may do two Xtend classes back-to-back and then finish with night time Yoga. I try to stretch now every chance I get.

Is the main focus of  Xtendbarre for weightloss or strength and toning?

The main focus is toning  but  there  is  a  strong  cardio  element  and  Pilates core work at the centre.  Giving you  a  complete  body  work  out.  Weightloss comes  natural  but  you  will  first  notice  your  actual  body  shape lengthen  and  change.

What do you see in the future for Xtend Barre?

It is  already  worldwide, but  I  have  no  doubt  it  will  only  get  bigger  as  it’s  popularity  grows!  I  hope to  one  day  run  my  own  studio  combining  Xtendbarre  and  Yoga.


Tahyna received her training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Tahyna has been trained in a large number of dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. Tahyna helps to create personlized programs and tailors her consults to suit your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals. See more







Hi Everyone,

As a Physiotherapist in many settings, I am proud to say that I provide Physiotherapy support for Qantas in Sydney. I am one of their onsite Physiotherapists and am extremely fortunate to have a lovely group of patients from the many job descriptions that make up this wonderful airline.


So thanks to Qantas over the years, I have been all over the world and have experienced their wonderful service.

There is an issue currently that is very close to my heart and needs your support.


The Facts:

Virgin has raised over $300 million in capital from Etihad, Singapore and Air New Zealand.

As a Qantas staff member there is a significant risk in the playing field of Australian aviation for the future of Qantas and all Qantas jobs.

It means Virgin, which will be 80% foreign owned, can use its unlimited funds to weaken Qantas in the domestic market and cripple our international business. It means foreign airlines having control of an airline which accesses Australia’s valuable air treaty rights. 

Please go to this link and sign the petition:

Spread the word:

Tell your friends and family about the threat to our airline industry. Forward them this website link or post it on your social pages and ask them to speak up. I promise, this is way more important than a filtered photo of your latte tomorrow morning!

Use the hash tag #fairgo4qantas and where possible, use the @qantasairways Twitter handle.


Qantas is a proud part of our ridiculously awesome country!

I always enjoy the banter when an American thinks that being an Aussie means that I ride in a Kangaroo to get places!

I hope to continue to…


Thank you for your support


Love, TOA