Get over your Selfie !

The rise of Selfie-induced injury is getting out of hand

I am certain you have heard of golfer’s 🏌 elbow or tennis 🎾 elbow? These are common injuries seen in a typical Physiotherapy clinic setting.

Now with the rise in non-stop connectivity 📱 and the need to constantly curate our lives comes an influx of new terms to describe overuse injuries that come along for the ride too.

Tech-neck 💀 
Ipad-hand 🤚
and now … ‘Selfie-elbow’ 💪🏽


we spend over 4 hours a day on our phone! 😱

The crux of this, really, is to recognize that when a part of your body hurts, you should stop doing whatever it is that’s making it hurt. If your thumb starts shaking or hurting when you put it in a certain position, give it a rest from that position for a while. If your elbow hurts when you’re taking a selfie, switch arms, adjust your position or maybe just let that selfie slide…

Have a stretch, walk outside, read a book or play some golf or tennis instead!

Your body will thank you 🙏🏼

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Written by Jennifer Dodge

Jennifer is a Physiotherapist based in Australia and the United Arab Emirates

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